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Federal and state laws govern various aspects of privacy. Privacy in health care, academic and workplace settings continues to evolve. However, employees, students and research subjects, generally, should have limited expectations of privacy when conducting or participating in University activities. Privacy is an important value that helps to build trust, but the University is a public institution that is subject to oversight by different regulatory agencies and is held accountable to the public.

UNC-Chapel Hill Institutional Privacy Office Policies and Standards

For more information, please visit UNC-Chapel Hill Institutional Privacy Office Privacy Policies and Standards.

Information Technology Services Policies and Standards

For information surrounding IT security, email and phone numbers, appropriate use of information, data networks and disposal, please visit the Information Technology Services site.

Office of Human Research Ethics Standard Operating Procedures

For information on Social Security number collection and other issues related to human subjects research, waivers of authorization and procedures for obtaining authorization in human subjects research, please visit the Office of Human Research Ethics Standard Operating Procedures.

Responsible Conduct of Research

For guidance, policies and training related to research involving human or animal subjects, recombinant DNA, hazardous waste and conflict of interest, please visit the UNC-Chapel Hill Research Compliance Program site.

School of Medicine and UNC Health Policies

For information on HIPAA privacy and security requirements specific to the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine and UNC Health, please visit the School of Medicine Information Security and Privacy site.

Social Security Numbers

For information regarding documenting the University’s processes for the collection and use of Social Security numbers, please visit Data Governance at UNC-Chapel Hill.